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Hello, and welcome to my online costume portfolio. Here you will see examples of my theatrical, professional, and personal costume work.  I have loved costuming since the ripe old age of seven, when I made myself a prairie bonnet so I could be like Laura Ingalls Wilder in the Little House books.  Later, I discovered that people actually did this for a living, how exciting!  Since then, I have worked for a number of professional theatres in the United States.  I received my BFA in costume technology from the UNC School of the Arts in 2010. 

I have always found immense satisfaction and joy in creating.  Whether I am working in a shop of sixty, or working by myself in my studio, I absolutely love the process of turning flat pieces of fabric (or leather, or metal, or foam, or...) into living, breathing, wearable works of art.  I am glad to have joined an industry of others who share this love; the collaborative theatrical process is truly amazing, and I love seeing my work onstage. 

I am currently accepting freelance work.  I am also the owner of
, a custom costume and clothing business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!